5 May 2017

Today (is your day…)

  • Choose ..

Bring your own data

  • Working on an problem set that you understand and want to move/improve/integrate with the tidyverse.
  • Small work groups with assistance of instructors
  • Concluding short presentation

Exercise project

  • Complete the learning
  • Required for PhD students in needs of ECTS
  • to be send back latest Friday 19th May
  • Recommended if you just want to exercise tidyverse and follow a rather straight path
  • Presented by AurĂ©lien

Bring your own data

Getting the most out of it

  • Ideal group composition of experienced and early stage users
  • Work as group or in pair-programming
  • Rotate keyboard access every hour
  • Switch group composition after completion
  • Focus is on learning, refactoring and code review and improvement
  • Try to avoid
    • Implementation of features
    • Exploratory data analysis
    • Tackling hard, well-studied problems


Known projects

  • Circadian rythm of the blood-brain barrier in cellular model (Jochen Ohnmacht)
  • Metabolomics (Malgorzata Nyga, after ~11:00)
  • Advanced code using dplyr and data.table (Arnaud Muller)
  • TCGA-meta data cleaning and analysis (Peter Nazarov, after ~12:00)

Other options

  • Time to discuss specific issues

Before we start …